This shirt design was created for the High Sierra Music Festival T-shirt design contest. 
After reading the High Sierra Music Festival's description I decided to go with a playful yet clean look. This design can appeal to the wide age range of those that attend the High Sierra Music Festival. Although my entry did not win the contest, I had fun creating this design and
I love the outcome!
Contest Description
High Sierra Music Festival invites you to submit a T-shirt design for our contest. We are
celebrating our 25th annual festival this year, and we want to involve our community and friends
in the merchandise design process. The winner's design will be printed on t-shirts for
resale at the festival. 
Suggested Theme & Style
 The design should reflect the style and personality of High Sierra and our community. The natural beauty of the festival's location lends itself to many themes. Our sensibility is organic and earthy, but can also be simple with clean lines. 
Things To Include
Must include the words "High Sierra Music Festival". 
Must include dates "July 2 - 5, 2015".
Must include "Quincy, CA"
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