Website Icons

Iconography used on Design & Print landing page and Envelope Addressing modal

Iconography featured on website deal cards

Iconography used on the Refer-A-Friend landing page

Refer a Friend marketing materials feature the new icons as well. Refer a Friend is an incentivized opportunity for clients to share FOREVER with potential new clients to earn money towards their future purchases. Potential new clients receive money as well. This incentive is a win, win. Clients/potential clients receive emails that notify them of these earnings. I have continued the iconography throughout the header graphics of these emails as well. 
Refer-A-Friend Email Icons

Iconography used in Refer-A-Friend email notifications

Mobile App Icons

Iconography featured in Mobile App Onboarding & Setup

Mini-Catalog Icons

Iconography featured in FOREVER Mini-Catalog

Events Logos

Iconography featured in FOREVER Virtual Events Logos

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